About BabyBallers

Want to know a little more about what we do at BabyBallers?

If so, read on. We are going to take you through how we run our sessions and the sort of development your child can expect.

So let’s get started right away with some of the incredible developmental progress our children make during our sessions. #LearnThroughPlay

Fundamental Skills

There is an enormous array of different findamental skills that children pick up at BabyBallers. First of all, their listening skills improve. We also introduce concepts like sharing, understanding and patience, while ensuring that every child takes part. BabyBallers is also a great introduction to the fine art of tidying up.


Learn Through Playing

We also teach our BabyBallers about learning through colours. We use brightly coloured cones and many of our games include the need to identify the correct colours.

Counting and numbers are also an important part of our sessions. We find that learning through play helps these sides of a child’s development. Imagination and creativity are also an important aspect of what we do. For example, in a lot of our games we ask the children to imagine the cones as trees and one of our coaches as the big bad wolf!

BabyBallers is also a great place for parent-child bonding. We encourage parents and grandparents to get involved, which the children love! BabyBallers gives you the perfect weekend activity to get more involved in a fun and safe environment.



Our youngest class. Starting from 16 Months, allows fundamental movement skills to be picked up from the earliest point.

Using a variety of learning techniques, shapes, colours, numbers and body parts are introduced to your BabyBaller. 

Through patience and perseverance we notice recognition from the child after repetition of our classes, with dribbling and kicking become a little less messier



MiniBallers has a similar aspect of Babyballers but includes more football related skills. 

The children will play more complex games that include dribbling, passing, shooting and catching. It is still an environment underpinned by a lot of fun and games, but the development of their skills will come on in leaps and bounds. 

By the time they finish, they will be ready to start learning even more in our Ballers sessions.



As your children get older, our Ballers sessions can help them improve their game further. 

We start focusing on their development of footballing ability and social development too. Our main aim is to give them a head start for when they join a team/club. 

We will even suggest some exit routes for them when they approach their final weeks at Ballers!


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